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Private Targets is about a new elite classified fugitive tactical unit created by U.S. government; headed by James Armstrong, former deputy director of the United States Marshal Service. Their job is to track down, capture or eliminate America’s most violent and rustles fugitives wanted dead or alive. While going after their targets, this new team consisting of two men (Zander and Richard) and two women (Alex and Elsie) need to find ways to deal with each others egos and personal issues.

Unge's War

Unge’s War tells the story of Ukah, the greatest warrior of his tribe, inspiring his son Unge to carry on his blood line. Unge, being a puny man among giant warriors, has to prove that it’s not the size of a man that makes a great warrior. When Unge learns that his father has been killed by Kwamme's powerful rival tribe, he goes to war seeking revenge. But when Unge fails to return, he’s woman Adani believes he has also been killed and befriends the prince of her village. ----

** Directed by award winning director / editor GuGu E. Michaels; Unge’s War is an epic-action adventure filmed on location in Africa that will leave you breathless.

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